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Social CBD products are committing to being a THC-free line and dedicated to delivering high-quality, potent products at an affordable price. All Social CBD products are lovingly made and packaged by hand. Social CBD oil goes through the highest levels of testing and has been tested to higher standards than many of the organic fruits you find at your local grocery store.

Video Transcript:
Hi it’s Brandy with green wellness life; we carry more than 30 different brands and manufacturers here, so we thought it might be a good idea to kind of do a one-by-one walk through introduce you to them who they are what they do and why we carry them, so we’re going to start that with our social CBD line.

So social is the line that we’ve been carrying for more than two years here and it started as a select CBD then select manufactured both a “marijuana line” and a “hemp line”. When they split those two they kept it pretty darn similar, but they changed the name on the hemp line to “Social” and that’s the brand that we carry today.

Everything that’s manufactured by Social CBD is going to be a zero THC product and they have a broad spectrum one and a Isolate line, if you’ve not read any of our blogs before you might not know the difference between those two. So when Isolate just means that of the 100-plus compounds that are found in that hemp plant, they go in and extract or isolate only the CBD. Getting it out plunk it into the bottle along with the other ingredients, for a broad spectrum they sort of do the reverse of that they isolate and extract the THC get rid of that and keep all of the other compounds and cannabinoids in there, we like an ice lit when we’re talking with stabilization we like a broad spectrum for them mostly everything else and a lot of the manufacturers on the market today are kind of going that route, social is one of them they did start with an isolate line those are still the tinctures, that we carry today and they’re fantastic.

Their capsules are also made from an isolate and they do contain some other active ingredients to get you specific benefits of it, so we’ve got recovery sleep or boost then have some added ingredients to help with those goals our disposable cartridges are also going to be made from an isolated CBD along with MCT oil and an essential oil never any THC never any nicotine and those are all complete in one little unit ready to use pretty cool.

Most everything else, I think here probably is a broad spectrum that includes the social gummies that are 12 and 1/2 milligrams per gummy. It includes their newer tinctures here we’ve got two flavors that are a “broad spectrum” “isolate” these are pet products super popular we’ve got an unflavored a bacon and a peanut butter, those are broad spectrum and then they are topicals. The topicals the patches were really an answer to a request for us to have stronger patches. We’ve been carrying patches for years from a couple of different manufacturers we didn’t have anything, that was stronger than 10 milligrams these are 20 or 60 milligrams per single day patch, so they can be a really good fit for somebody who’s looking for a little higher strength relief from a topical patch.

So Social really covers the gamut here. We’ve got lots of options to take that daily CBD as well as topicals and patches and options for your pets. So they’re a brand that we’ve been excited to partner with. We’ve been really pleased with the results that we get from using their products and we’ve got hundreds of customers that feel the same way.

So, we’d love to hear what you think about social CBD if you’ve given it a try reach out you can always give us a buzz at an 888-772-7875 or in let us know through social media. If you’ve tried these products we want to know what you love about them if you don’t love them let us know that too, so that we can work on finding a better fit for you.

Thanks so much for watching have a great day!

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