To get the best effects from full-spectrum hemp oil, it’s important to select the correct potency.

If you’re new to using these products, it make take some time to find the right amount to take for your needs. Follow these tips for a better experience.

1. Start Slow – You may be eager to take cannabinoid oil to address a nagging or chronic condition, but you don’t want to take too much too soon.

This is why you should start with the lowest dosage, and consider keeping a journal to track how you’re feeling with every dose or application.

Because everybody is different, individuals will naturally have different reactions to hemp and CBD products. You may find that just a small amount gives you the results you’re looking for.

2. Gradually Increase the Dosage – If that small dosage doesn’t seem to be doing anything for you, you can begin to increase it.

Because it takes some time for these products to build up oil to affect your endocannabinoid system, you should gradually raise the amount.

Take the same dose for a few days or so before you make it a little bigger.

3. Try Different Delivery Methods – There are several delivery methods to consider depending on the desired effect.

4. Talk to a Healthcare Professional – Thanks to countless websites and blogs, you can find quite a bit of medical information online. But to get real answers, there is no substitute for actually talking to a professional.

Whatever ailment you hope cannabinoid oil can help with, a doctor or other type of medical professional should be able to tell you how to use it and the doses to take.

5. Not all Cannabinoid Oils are the Same – Cannabinoid oil is used for a number of chronic conditions, but the quality is a trait that can’t be ignored. At Veritas Farms, we are dedicated to growing the absolute best hemp to produce superior oils.

We use the whole plant, which ensures that all the essential elements remain intact.