Most Innovative CBD Brand: FOCL

FOCL offers a unique blend of CBD and herbal products the brand has called “wellness stacks.” With day and nighttime-specific CBD capsules, as well as supplemental CBD oil drops and Relief Cream, FOCL offers a balanced set of products for CBD relief. Their products can help energize you for the day, as well as prepare you for a relaxing slumber in the evening. FOCL partners with chemists, doctors, and other wellness experts to create diverse formulas that are completed with adaptogenic herbs, powerful mushrooms, and hand-chosen botanicals. These unique blends take the CBD market in a totally new direction. Utilizing other ingredients to support the healing effects of CBD, FOCL’s intuitive and advanced formulas help stack natural supplements to help consumers achieve total body wellness.

Best CBD Brand For Beginners: Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is one of our favorite CBD brands. We love them so much, we usually recommend this product for those just starting their CBD journey. Their website has an easy-to-use product finder, ideal for someone thinking about trying CBD for the first time. With a few simple questions you’ll be matched with suggestions tailored to your needs. The product lineup is varied and includes creams, oil tinctures, extracts, capsules and gummies. Charlotte’s Web has a product that fits just about anyone’s preferences and needs. We also appreciate the brand’s transparency in listing their entire ingredient list on every product. You can even check out their updated lab results available online. You’ll find that some products have other ingredients such as melatonin or L-theanine. These ingredients are actually naturally occurring in the human body but can act in tandem with CBD to amplify the effects you’re seeking. For example, their Sleep Gummies combine melatonin while their Calm Gummies use L-theanine (an amino acid that promotes relaxation). You can read more about Charlotte’s Web and their products, here..

Best Premium CBD Brand For Everyone: Joy Organics

Joy Organics is a family-owned business known for their high quality and a repertoire of simple, yet powerful products. They have a limited range of THC-free, broad-spectrum CBD products, which makes our top 10 CBD brands year after year. We love knowing that  Joy Organics always provides products that are tested and perfected to their excellent standards. We have been a big fan of their vape pens, bath bombs and tinctures since day one. Joy Organics also launched their new CBD gummies this year!

Best Hemp Flower Brand: Canna Comforts

Interested in getting your dose of CBD by a more classic method: raw hemp flower? Look no further than Canna Comforts. Canna Comforts grows all of their raw hemp plants in the U.S. Their entire selection of hemp flower strains are compliant with the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bills, contain high levels of CBD, and provide full-spectrum benefits of other helpful cannabinoids. Canna Comforts strains produce a nice, light body buzz without the heady psychoactive feeling of THC-strains. These flowers mix great with regular bud as well. Blending CBD flower with THC flower may even help alter a regular high to feel a bit more relaxing. We recommend checking out the Lifter strain if you’re looking for a high-CBD profile and Cherry if you’re interested in terpenes.

Best CBD Brand For Pets: Honest Paws

Honest Paws receives our vote for best CBD brand made just for pets. This company was founded by passionate animal lovers, and is known for their organic, full-spectrum CBD extracts and edible treats for your furry friends. Their products are designed according to your pet’s specific needs. Proper dosage is based on your animal’s weight but can increase according to specific conditions. Products range from Peanut Butter-flavored treats for calming your pet to dog ‘bone chews’ for your pet’s bone health. Flavors also reflect the specific need and purpose of the CBD treats. The coolest thing of all about Honest Paws? They make CBD products for all pets including dogs, cats and even horses!

Most Affordable CBD Brand: CBDistillery

CBDistillery is the best choice for CBD on a budget. They offer full-spectrum products made in the U.S. at some of the most reasonable prices available. We commend CBDistillery for not only their product pricing but their straight-to-the-point labeling and consistency in dosage. Every product also has a QR code directly on the container. With a quick scan you can instantly see the lab results of your product. The cost and precise labeling makes this an excellent choice for beginners, too.

Most Interesting CBD Products: Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs has some of the most unique applications of CBD available right now. If you’re interested in exploring CBD products beyond extracts or capsules, Hemp Bombs will spice up your CBD routine. Edible lovers will enjoy their wide selection of gummies, energy drink-style CBD “shots,” and lollipops. From CBD Tattoo Ointment to cold therapy cream for pain, even beard balm, there is something within the Hemp Bombs line that just about everyone can enjoy.

Most Scientific Approach: Ambary Gardens

Ambary Gardens doesn’t mess around when it comes to the science behind CBD. They use all their own hemp, grown specifically for CBD production, followed by a thorough testing process that occurs at their own in-house laboratory. Ambary Gardens’ strains are naturally low in THC and make some of the purest CBD products possible. They make an array of formulas from tinctures to gel capsules, as well as specific products for conditions such as skin repair and muscle recovery.  If you’re looking for a CBD isolate (only the CBD without any elements of the hemp flower) or a high potency, full-spectrum extract, look no further.

Highest Potency CBD Brand: CbdMD

cbdMD is another broad-spectrum CBD brand that tops our best brands every year. cbdMD offers a wide range of products including tinctures, gummies, topicals, capsules, sleep aids, bath bombs and beyond. While there are plenty of brands that offer the same types of products, cbdMD far exceeds the rest in its sheer potency. Their strongest oil contains a whopping 7,500 mg of CBD (or 250 mg per serving). One product in particular, CBD Freeze Pain Roll On, is well known for its potency and effectiveness.

Bonus: Linx Vapors High-End Vape Pens

Vaping is one of the most popular ways to consume CBD. When vaping CBD oil it is absorbed instantly, thus offering immediate relief compared to other consumption methods. You will also experience the pure terpene flavor that is lost with other methods. If you enjoy vaping CBD, why not go with the very best? Linx Vapors offers some of the highest quality vape pens on the market right now, with features such as ceramic atomizers (the piece that heats up the vape juice). Ceramic atomizers guarantee the flavor that you’re paying for is delivered without contamination. Two of our favorite Linx Vapors include the Blaze Onyx Concentrate Vaporizer and the Eden Vaporizer for full flower.


Between the above ten companies, you should have no problems at all finding just the right solution for you. Whether you’re looking for  raw hemp flower, a high potency extract or maybe some tasty treats for your pet, this list is a start into finding a product that works for you.