Recently, one of our very favorite brands underwent a name change. I know, it’s a bit of a shock. So who is this mysterious company, shifting names? It’s Select! Or, it used to be. They are now operating under the name “Social CBD.” But what is happening to Select? Don’t worry, I’ll get to that in this video.

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Video Transcript:

Hi there, it’s Brandy with Green Wellness Life; coming this morning to chat with you about a recent product change but we’ve been seeing from one of the brands that we love the most and we know that you love them too and that’s select CBD.

So, Select actually started as Marijuana Company and then they branched off and created a hemp line. So now they’re trying to really distinguish between those two companies, so they are rebranding their Select CBD from hemp line to Social CBD. We think that you’ll be pleased with the change just because you don’t notice much difference change is hard, so we don’t love that and I’d like to keep it pretty simple but, some exciting new additions with that rebranding to Social CBD.

So first of all the change in the look, so if you take a look at these two boxes they are incredibly similar- the lavender is the old select branding you can see that in the circle up at the top and then the lemon ginger next door is the new social. So that logo looks darn near identical except for the axis now in a square instead of a circle and then you’ll notice that that name is Social versus Select CBD. Really, that’s about the extent of the packaging change everything is going to that square logo and saying Social instead of Select. Little change in verbiage on some of the packaging to make it maybe, a little bit more user friendly this is one of the disposable vape pens; so it looks the same except instead of highlighting the spearmint oil it’s instead highlighting the benefit. So this one is telling us that it’s called focus instead of spearmint and then the same little blue sticks are exactly the same as they used to be except now they’ve got social CBD printed right on their same amount of CBD, same number of puffs out of the stick just a little change in that branding.

One other item that’s cool on this if you’re goofy like me is that, on the back of those where we’ve always seen those lab results which definitely helps us feel that we’re getting at quality safe product that’s not what it’s supposed to have, that little spearmint leaf there it’s actually a peel-off sticker you can peel it off & stick it on your pens. So if you’re like me & you’ve got these in a number of varieties you can keep them separate because you can put that will stick on there, cutesy right?

Additionally, we do have a few new products that are coming along with this rebranding we’re adding them slowly but the first one is a new broad spectrum, so Select now Social really committed to seeing 0 THC. 0 THC can be found in an isolate and broad spectrum product, so now they’re bringing out a broad spectrum. Broad spectrum we’ve talked about this before but it just means that all of the compounds that are found naturally in that plant end up in the bottle with the exception of the THC, so think about it like a mosaic kind of they break apart all those compounds all those pieces and parts, then they put them all back together they just extrapolate and withhold that THC to keep it as a zero THC product for you. Sometimes people do see additional benefits when those other compounds from the plant our maintained on the product in addition to that can a video that we know and love so some additional benefits there.

That one is the one that we are initially onboarding is 750 milligrams strengths did you have some other strengths as well, I believe they’ve got a 250 a 750 and a 1500 if I’m not mistaken. Right now we’re just onboarding that 750, again same social branding and then they’ve still got that same measured measurements on the dropper top for your tinctures so that makes getting a consistent serving size super easy, so we appreciate that. So that is, the Meyer lemon that’s the first flavor that we’re onboarding from that social broad spectrum. I know they’ve got pomegranate, tea, vanilla, mint and then they’ve got some unflavored in natural flavors as well, but we’re starting with that Meyer lemon just too kind of dip our toe in the water.

Select now Social also has patches, so these are 20 milligram one day patch that I can get right to the source of your problem get to work quickly for you and we stopped the patches from a couple of other companies that are really popular; so this would be another one to give a try 20 milligrams one day patch, and then they’ve also got some new topical so this is the foot cream that’s the first in the topical that we’re onboarding we’re looking at some of the others as well, but just some exciting new products that are coming on from Social.