I help women release weight in a really SIMPLE way.

In my programs we focus on living light—we stay away from food protocols that are complicated, complex or rigid.
Self-deprivation? That feels heavy and we know it doesn’t work. Counting calories and weighing food? Ugggh…for most of us these are actions that end up cluttering our perspective, slowing our progress and having us join Weight Watchers for LIFE.

I’m a board-certified health & wellness coach and a functional medicine certified health coach. With my Live Light approach (rooted in simplicity, positive psychology and functional nutrition) you’ll transform your relationship with food, stop obsessing about your body, AND release all your extra mental, emotional and physical pounds for good.

I have the credentials, but more importantly, I think, is that I’ve been where you are. I know what it’s like to weigh way more than I wanted. For years I didn’t like how I looked or felt. I tried to lose weight but I had a LOT of FOMO for my favorite foods and the scale was always stuck.
I had a lightning bulb moment and realized that I had been overcomplicating things. I intentionally got rid of a bunch of physical, mental and emotional clutter, shed what was holding me back, and today I’m so much happier with my much lighter life. How’d I did this?I figured out my personal root of wellbeing and it’s not complicated—we can do that for you too.

Want to get a feel for my approach?

Check out my free mini-course, 3 Keys to Living Light. It’s under 20 minutes total and comes with an awesome workbook!