Macka B’s Medical Monday ‘CBD Oil’

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In a shop walking down the aisle
I saw a small bottle a small little vial
When I read what it was I couldn’t help but smile
CBD oil
Rasta a tell them about this all the while
CBD oil
Been proven in some clinical trial
CBD oil
From the cannabis plant that is what it is
Renowned for its medical properties
It’s in health shops they’re doing business
Being sold for medicinal purposes
Many uses what a variety
Pain relief also anxiety
Headline news with the epilepsy
Inflammation some say the acne
Gaining a lot of popularity
Towards it still a lot of animosity
People wondering about the legality
It’s on the High Street that’s the reality
Inna the UK it’s there to see
Cannabidiol that’s CBD
The ones in the shop have to be legally very low in THC
Things are changing globally
Medicine rearranging totally
That tree that you thought was your enemy
Could turn out to be your remedy
Confused you need a guider
Go check a health care provider
Make an expert be your decider
Just realise the choices are wider

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