Within the tub (a 4-ounce white plastic jar with rounded edges, which we like), the product is a thick, opaque, white cream. It’s easy to pick up on your fingers in small or large quantities according to your needs and adheres well to fingertips on contact.  Using the product creates temporary indents in the surface, but the cream settles within the jar to fill them in over time.

On the skin, the product absorbs fairly quickly but does leave a slight oily slickness to the skin for a time after application.  This makes it good for dry, inflamed skin or a targeted massage, but it may leave more of a residue than desired if you’re getting dressed immediately after applying it to, say, your back and shoulders.

To eliminate this concern, we recommend using a fast-drying product like the roll-on CBD pain freeze during the day time and saving this cream for evening use or small areas where the oily consistency won’t be problematic.