What is CBD water?

CBD water is infused with cannabidiol extract. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many naturally-occurring cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. The full spectrum hemp oil is extracted from the plant and lab tested to ensure that it meets our strict purity and potency standards. The hemp oil extract is then added to water or sparkling water to create our CBD water products. CBD water can be used for CBD’s potential health benefits, such as promoting relaxation and supporting joint health.


Does CBD water do anything?

CBD water is an effective way to take CBD as long as it is a high-quality product. Since CBD products are not currently regulated by the FDA, companies can claim their water contains CBD but not actually measure that the stated dose is accurate and consistent in every batch. CBD American Shaman lab tests every product to make sure the stated amount of CBD is accurate in the actual product and we send a sample from every batch of products for 3rd party testing to ensure consistency across batches. So, CBD American Shaman water provides the benefits of CBD, but not all products marketed as CBD water will do the same.


How much CBD water should I drink?

One can of our CBD sparkling water contains 10mg of CBD. Everyone has a different preferred dose of CBD, so we recommend starting with a low dose of one can of CBD water per day and working up to a slightly higher dose such as two cans per day if you prefer. 


How long does CBD water take to work?

The CBD in our CBD water products enters the bloodstream through the digestive system. So, the time-to-absorption can be affected by things like whether or not you have eaten recently. Edible CBD products are often the slowest way to absorb CBD. However, our CBD water is powered by proprietary nanotechnology. We use nanotechnology to break down the particle size of the CBD molecules for easier absorption. 


Does CBD water contain THC?

THC is a cannabinoid known for its “high” or psychoactive effects. Full spectrum CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC content in order to be in compliance with the legal limit, which means they produce absolutely no psychoactive effects. We also offer lab-tested and guaranteed THC-free versions of most of our CBD products for those who prefer CBD without THC or live in states where only THC free products are allowed.