This video is about the best CBD oil for social anxiety, exactly HOW using CBD for anxiety works, and what the options are.

So, does CBD oil work for social anxiety? Well, yes, it does for a lot of people, however just like with so many other things in life there are also “non responders”. One thing is for sure though, using CBD oil for anxiety is one of the healthiest natural alternatives to the nasty and addictive anxiety drugs you get prescribed if you get involved with the medical system. So why is this then?
Well, as my friend put it “cbd cured my anxiety, but what I also like about it is that my arthritis pain is so much better, and my skin seem to be much better too”

Some other health benefits of CBD include:

-It reduces anxiety
-It is anti inflammatory and can reduce pain
-It can potentially reduce symptoms of depression
-It can help with insomnia
-It can calm epilepsy
-It can potentially help with acne and skin conditions
-It can help with obsessive compulsive disorders
-It can potentially help slow down Alzheimer’s

Yeah, so this compound is not something that does your body any harm, unlike so many other things we get prescribed, on the contrary it does a lot of good. This is why I think that, if it works for you, and you want something to take when anxiety hits, then using CBD to cope with anxiety is one of the best ways to go. But, does CBD oil help with social anxiety for YOU? Well, no one can say for sure. I’m certainly not going to make any such claims. The only thing I can say is that it works for a lot of people, and for many of my friends, but the only way to know for sure, is to try it out for yourself.

I hope you found the video informative, as always, keep going and stay strong!

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