Winner of the 2019 Cannabis Independent Innovation Award

for Best CBD Product for Body Care

Pure hemp-based THC-Free CBD

CBD Body Blends products include pure hemp-based CBD isolate that is 100% THC-free (no high), which means all of our products are safe for people and pets. We have custom-crafted fantastic everyday CBD products with the highest-quality initial ingredients that are infused with essential oils, natural flavoring and other beneficial ingredients along with premium THC-free CBD for wellness and relief support.

CBD tinctures for people and pets, no-mess CBD massage oils with extra special ingredients that absorb into the skin (no shower required) for added benefits, CBD lotions that are creamy not greasy, CBD lip balm in fun flavors, CBD for the bath (yay fizzies), CBD for women of all ages, CBD for pets large and small — CBD Body Blends has them all in a variety of perfect blends for wellness and relief support.


CBD Body Blends has elevated your choices when it comes to CBD products.

CBD Body Blends has expanded your choices when it comes to CBD products.

CBD Body Blends has married the perfect ingredients, creating products with unique blends that you would use even without CBD.

100% THC-free hemp CBD for pets and people

CBD Body Blends has amplified our perfectly blended CBD products for people and pets with 100% THC-free hemp CBD, harvested in Yoder, Colorado, by the #1 domestic distributor of CBD in the United States.

CBD Body Blends products are unique to the industry and we are 100% transparent about every ingredient and where our CBD is harvested. We have absolutely nothing to hide from our customers. They trust us to help them and we will never, ever betray that trust.


CBD Body Blends lives by a People/Pets/Product philosophy. Every single CBD Body Blends product and blend has been thoughtfully designed to not only elevate but to expand the choice of CBD products for pets and people currently available in the industry (with or without THC).

Every single ingredient, including our 0.00% THC-free hemp CBD, has been strategically selected for a specific reason, fitting seamlessly into our formula blends. Even without CBD, CBD Body Blends lip balm, massage oils, lotions and bath & body products can compete with any like product out there. Yes, they are that good.


Every CBD Body Blends product can stand on its own as exceptional before we add any CBD — the product itself is not an afterthought. In our minds, the CBD is a bonus. But don’t get us wrong — where we get our CBD isolate is just as important as the ingredients we choose.

Our CBD comes from hemp grown in the U.S. and everything CBD Body Blends makes is manufactured in our Colorado-based facility.

CBD Body Blends is not just another CBD company — everything we do is purposeful and we have a make-a-great-product-first mentality because CBD helps people and pets by going on or in the body. Shouldn’t both the CBD and the delivery product be exceptional? We think so. CBD Body Blends creates exceptional everyday products first before adding hemp-based ZERO THC CBD (0.00% THC). All of CBD Body Blends products are made on site and were created with people and pets in mind.

If you can find better cbd products, buy them.