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One of the hottest topics in skincare today is the use of CBD in body products. But what does it do for you, is it worthwhile for you to see if CBD in your skincare products works?n

Letu2019s have a look at how CBD can benefit our skin and body.n

CBD and Skincaren

CBD has a few known traits that can be very helpful if youu2019re looking at your skincare. The first thing is that CBD is anti-inflammatory, and we know that there are many skin conditions due to inflammation, such as acne and rosacea. A lot of people get these types of breakouts; even aging is an inflammatory condition. Inflammation can also cause pain in our muscles and joints. So it makes sense to use if you want to turn back the clock or reduce the discomfort from your skin issues. Maybe you are just looking for some kind of relief, CBD is an effective way to get it.n

We also know that CBD is a potent antioxidant, and it fights free radicals, and so that is something that you can use in a serum or a moisturizer to protect your skin.n

Finally, CBD is quite soothing to the skin. It is moisturizing to the skin, so it can be applied to the skin infused in moisturizers to help your skin look and feel more hydrated.n

Whether we ingest CBD or apply it topically, we can see many excellent benefits for our skin. Most CBD oils are really rich in vitamins A, C, and E. These vitamins are really good for anti-aging abilities, soothing redness, getting rid of sun damage, and much moren

Recent legislation nationally has changed and states have legalized the use of CBD. This has allowed CBD to be added into all sorts of skincare products from cleansers to moisturizers to anti-aging creams. So it truly is the hot ingredient of the day, and for those of you who are skincare enthusiasts, we typically want the newest hottest thing, and CBD it is. But not all products are created with equal so please take care and do your due diligence.n

Fourmile Health CBD Body Care Productsn

At Fourmile Health, we deeply understand your body care concerns. We also know that you want to give your skin and body only the best quality products that provide your body with the best care. So, we aim to bring high-quality CBD skincare products that you can rely on. That not only gives your body and skin the essentials but also makes you feel good about your skin by providing the right amount of CBD and quality ingredients.n

We manufacture our CBD skincare product with high-quality CBD extracted from hemp plants that are grown naturally and organically here in the state of Oregon. The farms follow the best practices when they cultivate and harvest hemp and we are there to check. That ensures our final products give optimum results.n

Your skin is the most fundamental organ of your body, and you should only look for safe and reliable products. To ensure safe, risk-free, and reliable products, we test all of our CBD skincare products that need to adhere to predefined strict standards. Our products only contain high-quality ingredients, staying away from harmful chemicals and contaminants. We also ensure that the correct amount of CBD is added every time to ensure optimum relief, not less, not more. Remember all of our CBD skincare products are non-GMO and vegan friendly.n

Our CBD infused body care products include bath bombs, collagen face cream, massage oil, lotion, lip balm, muscle relief gel, hand and body scrub, salve, detox bath salts, and refresh and relaxing bath salts.n

You can have a bath with our CBD bath salts and CBD bath bombs which give your whole body CBD from head to toe. It can improve your mind and body wellness while relaxing after a long hard day.n

Our CBD massage oil is made with all-natural ingredients to soothe your muscles and joints and relax your body and mind simultaneously while keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized. For targeted and small areas, our muscle relief gel works best.n

How to Use CBD Skin care Productsn

All of these products are for topical use only, not to be ingested. Each product has its own intended use. For instance, you can dissolve CBD bath salts or a CBD bath bomb into your bath water and let your body soak up all the CBD and other beneficial minerals and ingredients. For a relaxing massage, clean or wash the area on your body with soap and water where you wish to apply the massage oil. Use a sufficient amount of oil and massage into the affected area. You can not use too much so apply as and when needed. On the other hand, if youu2019re wanting deep muscle relief our gel allows you to target affected areas just as easy.n

CBD Body Care Products for Salen

So, if you’ve been looking for the best quality CBD body care or CBD infused skin care products, your search ends here. As you see, we offer various CBD products for your skin and body care routine. Our range is always expanding and we always welcome new ideas for different products. You can be confident that each product delivers and contains the best ingredients. Our products are wholesale priced as you are buying directly from the manufacturer. Thereu2019s no middle man and all this without compromising on the quality. So, with Fourmile CBD you get the best bang for your buck.n

Check out which product best suits your lifestyle, current CBD needs, and budget. You can order as much or as little as you like. Just browse through our collection, and whatever product interests you, add them to the cart.n

We also have other exciting CBD products such as CBD oil both Full Spectrum and Isolate, CBD gummies, smokable CBD flowers, and CBD pet products that you might be interested in.n

Frequently Asked Questionn

Whatu2019s the History of CBD in Skin Care Products?n

CBD doesnu2019t have a long history of being used in skincare products, probably because of the legality issues, itu2019s had. Now it is being used in all types of topical applications, and many people are having amazing results with it. With the laws changing, CBD is being used more and more in skincare products, and many skincare companies are adding it to their formulations.n

Will these CBD skin care products get me high?n

The answer is no. All of our CBD skincare products are derived from hemp that only contains trace amounts of THC .3% or less. Though THC has psychoactive properties, it doesnu2019t make you high when the amount is so low. All of our CBD skincare products are entirely free of THC as they are infused with CBD isolate except our CBD salve that comes infused with full-spectrum CBD coconut oil, however, it has only trace amounts of THC that wonu2019t make you high.n

How much product should I use, and how often?n

Every individualu2019s body is unique, and the Endocannabinoid System perceives CBD in a slightly different way in each person. Some may notice considerable effects while others may not as much, even with the same product and same amount. However, the rule of thumb is to follow the usage instructions from the packaging. Our CBD skincare products are safe for daily use, but you can use them more often as and when required.n

What type of CBD skin care product do you have?n

At Fourmile Health, our collection of skincare products are made from the purest form of CBD, isolate. We also add essential and supporting ingredients to each product that have been known for years to be beneficial in the skincare industry. They also boost the effects of CBD and enhance its effectiveness. You can visit each product page to get more information on the ingredients we use.n

Can I use these products for skin problems, stress, anxiety, or pain relief?n

Though CBD itself has noteworthy positive impacts on the problems mentioned above, weu2019re unable to make such health claims about our products. Because the Food and Drug Administration strictly forbids CBD brands and companies from making any health claims. It can be seen from the fact that FDA hasnu2019t approved any medical product containing CBD to date, except Epidiolex. So more research is required to make such claims.n

However, people use CBD for everything from pain relief to acne. And most users have had positive results. So, it wouldnu2019t be wrong to say that you can also try; however, a doctoru2019s consultation is a must.n


Under the Farm Bill 2018, all of our CBD skincare products are legal and safe to use in all states of the United States. Even though CBD has a long list of benefits for our skin and has positive impacts on some severe skin issues and problems, itu2019s important to mention that none of our CBD skincare products is designed or intended to diagnose, cure, or treat your any skin condition, disease, ailment or illness. Instead, we encourage you to consult with a skin care specialist to get a better understanding of CBD and your skin problem (if any) and only use it upon your doctoru2019s suggestion and advice.n

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