For all that Vegas has to offer to pets and people, there are some risks to bringing your furry family members to ‘Sin City’.  Many pets can suffer from anxiety, stress or gastrointestinal issues when presented with the sensory overload of The Strip. Flashing lights, loud noises, a multitude of scents can cause your pet a lot of stress, resulting in potential loss of appetite, dehydration, aggression, anxiety and nausea.  To cut down on these potential effects, Wild Thing Pets’ CBD oil and treats are safe, easy to use and are a favorite remedy of many American pets. CBD has been shown to have a calming effect on anxiety in dogs, can block pain and reduce inflammation in dogs, as well as increase focus and improve positive behaviours in pets.  

Before you make your way to Vegas and experience all it has to offer CBD Oil in Las Vegas, ensure your dog or cat packs CBD from Wild Thing Pets in their suitcase – because a Healthy Pet means a Happy You.