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Here I bring another meal tips,Last week I showed a raw beef slice and beef heart,now the manu has changed after every week,here is a raw chicken chest piece full of protein,cut it in small pieces and freeze them,whenever you’re going to feed just take out one small piece or according to your need,then cut it in pellets shape according to the size of your monsters,bigger the fish,bigger the pellet shape.I’ve shown in pictures,hope it helps out, give your monsters to surprise every week with new tips,in meantime stay blessed and be fruitful.

You give chicken and beefheart to Oscars ? That’s not going to work out very well in the future, since they can not digest animal fat very well, you can do this perhaps once a month, but not on a regular basis , in general don’t feed your fish anything they won’t eat in nature.

All this above is considering an adult oscar, giving this type of diet to a baby oscar is just killing him in a few months … just saying…. i could start this debate saying that oscars are insectivors… however u should know that from the beggining. That diet is just wrong ..

So this happened to my now 11″ comet, Ghostie. Is this damage from a 3″ pleco? Please don’t lecture or holler at me. Ive never had any kind of issue til now. I tried to get the damage as best I could. There are bloody and torn up places from his face to his tail and this all happened in the 5 hours I was gone today. I love this fish more than most people. None of the other fish in the tank are hurt or damaged. Just in case, i already took the pleco out. Any recommendations on ways to help heal him faster and better than stress coat??? I feel so terrible, he’s normally a beautiful and friendly fish.

All I was going to suggest was stresscoat and maybe aquarium salt. He’s a stunning fish, I hope he heals fast. Honestly, thought he was a betta until I noticed his face.

Idk about plecos being aggressive. I have two in my goldfish tank but they don’t seem harsh.
And with any open wound care, I have used Melafix. I wouldn’t use a lot bcuz I’ve heard it can kill your fish if you over treat. It has melaleuca oil (tea tree oil) to help heal wounds. It worked for my fish once! But I only used half the dose.

Plecos can’t do this unless the fish is really sick and gonna die, don’t believe the myths that plecos will randomly suck on your fish. They only do that if your starving them without feeding them wafers or if the fish is about to die.

He’s healthy, there’s 2 nymphs, 2 shubunkins and a blackmoor in the tank with him. I always fed wafers and the pleco would eat the pellets that sunk too. I just can’t think of anything else that would have done this. Ughhh.

Do you have a heater in the tank? This happened to one of my comets and I’m pretty sure it was a burn. But I did a water change and made sure the tank was really clean and it healed in about a week.

Doubtful unless you don’t have wood or algae for the pleco to graze and your fish sleeps like its dead…i have a pleco 8″ and he’s twice the size of my largest goldie..never have issues because he is fed properly.

Absolutely beautiful fish!
Plecos can and will kill your goldies. I’ve witnessed it. I didn’t take the advice on this page for years because mine wasn’t aggressive, ever. Until he was! He killed my girl and I caught him. It was too late to save her though. She was healthy and he was not starving by any means.
I use aquarium salt for wound care and it works really well.

Hes my buddy and I couldn’t wait and started treating him last night! The video on my phone is crystal clear, I upload here and its not even kinda clear. The only thing I can think of is the pleco. I never saw him even swim towards the goldfish. Ever. He’s in the angelfish tank (no worries there, the angels are mean) til I can figure out where he’s going. I hate to rehome him, he’s a beautiful pleco, but the goldies were here many years first.