These Five CBD Full Spectrum CBD Capsules stand out because of the company’s unique claim about their products.

Five CBD doesn’t just sell full-spectrum hemp CBD products. They sell CBD products with a 5:1 ratio of CBD to other hemp compounds (including THC, CBG, and CBC).

Plus, these are very affordable, and they come with free shipping. 

Also, I tried them — and I love them.

When I received a free sample of these to test out, I found them to be effective. Plus, they’re as tasteless and easy-to-consume as anything else in gelcap or capsule form.

I loved all of the Five CBD products I tested. I was particularly surprised by their “Daily Buzz” gummies, which do provide an actual “buzz,” as the name implies. Like the capsules, they contain the legal levels of THC allowed in hemp and CBD products (below .3%) — but nevertheless can be felt more acutely than most CBD edibles. I chalked this up to Five’s namesake 5:1 ratio of cannabinoids, working its magic in my body.

(For more information about my experience with their gummies, check out our guide to the best CBD gummies available now.)

Compared to their gummies, this brand’s capsules have effects that are less noticeable. But they do provide a general sense of well-being, and they’re easy to take as part of your daily wellness routine — especially if you’re used to taking other capsules as supplements.

And if you don’t want to feel “buzzed” from your daily CBD supplement, but you still want to make sure you’re getting a well-rounded full spectrum dose of CBD, these gelcaps could be perfect for you.

The namesake 5:1 ratio in this product’s “spectrum” includes terpenes and flavonoids, as well as minor cannabinoids.

We found this claim difficult to verify independently, because terpene testing is not conducted on each batch.

Instead, Five CBD conducts the terpene testing on the bulk distillate, before turning it into their signature products, as a Five representative explained to us.

(We had contacted Five CBD because we were confused: When you look at the test results for the latest batch of these capsules, it looks like the ratio of CBD to minor cannabinoids is closer to 10:1, because each capsule contains about 23 mg CBD, and about 2.4 mg of other cannabinoids.)

The representative who spoke to us even offered to get terpene testing done on a specific batch, to verify the 5:1 ratio.

Either way, for every batch, you’ll find third-party lab results for pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, and microbial contaminants. We love to see CBD companies that are responsible and transparent!

And the lab results show small amounts of THC, CBG, and CBC, proving that this is truly full-spectrum hemp extract. And each capsule contains 25 mg of cannabinoids.

And you’d be hard-pressed to find such legitimate full spectrum CBD products at such a low price anywhere else.