CBD Flowers have to come with a certified note stating their cannabinoid breakdown. Next, always check the reviews and lab reports online. Below I listed overall scores for each brand + coupon codes + website links. Cascadia Blooms vs Canna Comforts vs Tweedle Farms vs Berkshire CBD

Brand: Cascadia Blooms
Overall Score: 99/100. Cascadia Blooms does an A+ effort of presenting their cannabinoid breakdown. Plus, their hemp tops are a premium product at an affordable price. I love their sampler packs.

Brand: Canna Comforts
Overall Score: 97/100, The Suver Haze strain is perfect for anyone that struggles from insomnia.

Brand: Tweedle Farms
Overall Score: 95/100, Eco-friendly brand that really has a few great strains. My favorite is Cherry Wine. Flavorful and effective. This CBD flower is great for insomnia and anxiety.

Brand: Berkshire CBD
Overall Score: 95/100. If you are new to CBD flowers I’d check out Berkshire CBD. They do a great job of offering a wide variety of premium strains. Each CBD strain comes with a detailed flavor profile.

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